Ecuador Travel Safety

Ecuador Travel Safety
Although it is a small country, Ecuador contains many sites and activities that attract tourists: Amazon River tributaries, mountains, rain forests, active volcanoes, Inca ruins and the diverse wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. Unfortunately, Ecuador also contains drug traffickers, arms dealers, organized crime and Colombian terrorists. Follow these safety tips so that you experience only the beauty of Ecuador.


Ecuador's beaches do not usually have lifeguards or warnings signs when there are string currents and undertows.

Take a Friend

Crimes such as theft and rape are on the rise in Ecuador. These crimes occur even on heavily traveled hiking trials and beaches, so never go anywhere alone.

Northern Border

Avoid traveling near the border between Colombia and Ecuador, especially at night. This area of Ecuador is prone to violent crimes, and Americans have been kidnapped in the area.

Alternate Routes

Plan a backup route when traveling within Ecuador because political demonstrations frequently close roads and delay public transportation.

Passport Theft

Passport theft is extremely common in Ecuador. Keep your passport secure and carry a copy with you at all times.


Never accept packages from strangers and keep your packages and luggage secure. Ever year, tourists are arrested for drug trafficking because someone slipped drugs into their belongings without their knowledge.

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