Victoria Empress Hotel Facts

Victoria Empress Hotel Facts
Victoria, British Columbia, is an area lush with rich green foliage and miles of colorful fields of wildflowers. It is home to the expansive Butchart Gardens, where you can wander among the perfectly manicured pathways of flora and fauna for hours. Victoria is also home to the grand Empress Hotel. It is reminiscent of eras long past, with its grand facade and elegant interior. Since 1908 it has graced the grounds of enchanting little Victoria and continues to beckon travelers of all stripes through its doors for a relaxing afternoon tea.


The Empress Hotel has had its doors open since the beginning of the 20th century, playing host to notable celebrities including: Rita Hayworth, Jack Benny, Pat O'Brien, Katharine Hepburn and Bob Hope, among others. Its grand old-style charm has been preserved.

Afternoon Tea

Who wouldn't want to repose inside the Empress for a sip of afternoon tea after a long walk through the gardens or after a sail in the nearby harbor? The Afternoon Tea has been a tradition at the hotel since 1908.

Health and Spa Services

Any visitor who suffers from sore or stiff muscles, the result of a long hike or bike ride through the nearby parks in Victoria, will want to book a massage at the Willow Stream Spa. Walk into a place of complete tranquility and soak in a bath of healing mineral waters.


The Empress Hotel features an array of notable restaurants, all designed to quell your grumbling stomach after a full day of exploring the city and its surroundings. Choose from the Bengal Lounge, The Empress Room, The Veranda and of course munch on a crumpet at the Afternoon Tea.


Sink into luxurious softness when you book a bed at the Empress Hotel and cozy up in a plush robe to observe the views of the city, the courtyard and the inner harbor. The hotel features 477 guest rooms and suites.

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