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  • Hawaii Fishing Laws

    Hawaii Fishing Laws
    Hawaii with its warm Pacific waters offers good opportunities for marine sport fishing. Less well known is it also has a number of freshwater fishing spots in its lakes and rivers. While the state's fishing laws are less onerous than in some other parts of the United States, they still need to be reviewed and understood before one can get out their rods and nets.


    No license is required for saltwater sport fishing in Hawaiian waters. Freshwater fishing requires a license, and seven- and 30-day nonresident licenses are available.


    The main regulation of concern to marine recreational fishermen in Hawaii is the strict size regulations. For example, ahi must be at least 3 pounds, and smaller ahi must be returned to the sea.

    Banned Species

    Some species are limited to commercial fishermen only such as the iao. It is also prohibited to fish for sea turtles or disturb monk seals.


    Permission to catch some fish is regulated by season. For example, striped mullet are out of season from December to March.

    Shore Fishing

    For shore fishing, the rule is unless you see a sign specifically regulating or prohibiting fishing, it is legal to do so.

    Banned Methods

    Snagging, explosives, firearms, poisons, other chemicals or using electricity to catch fish are banned methods in Hawaii.

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