What Type of Food Do Wild Birds Eat?

What Type of Food Do Wild Birds Eat?
Birds in the wild have extremely varied diets. Understanding their dietary needs will not only help you spot them in the wild but also know what to offer in a bird feeder to attract them.


Many birds subsist largely on seeds, and they are easily found in the wild. They are an excellent choice for a bird feeder.



Some birds live largely on insects, including eggs and larvae. They can catch adults on the wing, but more commonly they find larvae in trees or in the ground.


While the robin pulling a worm from the ground is a visual cliche, it is still accurate. Worms are eaten by birds that are largely omnivorous. Meal worms are available at many pet stores.


Birds with larger, heavier beaks and bills often specialize in cracking nuts. But nut meats will appeal to any bird that feeds on seed.


Suet is an animal fat-based product that is typically offered to birds in feeders. It can be purchased at pet supply stores and put in a feeder by itself or in combination with other bird foods. It is a substitute food and does not have an equivalent in the wild.


Nectar is a sweet fluid drawn from flowering plants and is most commonly eaten by hummingbirds. Sugar water is frequently a substitute for it in hummingbird feeders.


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