Bicycle Safety Lights

Bicycle Safety Lights
If you plan to ride your bike at night, a front headlight and a rear light are a must. Most European countries and some U.S. states require bicyclists use both.

Front Lights

When riding your bike at night, a front bike light is necessary. Front bike lights mount to your handlebars and typically offer several bright LEDs for visibility.

Rear Bike Lights

Most rear bike lights work in a flashing or fixed mode. Rear lights mount to the seat post and can act as a reflector when the light is off.

Bike Light Batteries

LED bike lights typically run on AA or AAA batteries. Higher-end bike lights run on lithium batteries and are rechargeable.

Additional Lighting Systems

Additional lighting systems can make biking at night safer by increasing your visibility. Additional lights can mount to your helmet, backpack or bike frame.

Safety Considerations

Reflectors are not sufficient for nighttime bicycle riding. At minimum, use a front and rear bicycle light, and for added visibility, mount a light to your helmet, backpack or bike frame.

Article Written By Wren Mcilroy

Based out of Salt Lake City, Wren Mcilroy has been writing outdoor recreation and travel-related articles for 3 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology and biology from Winona State University in Minnesota.

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