Bird Identification Tools

Bird Identification Tools
Bird watching is a fascinating hobby as well as a fun educational activity. Birds can be identified with the naked eye, but it helps if you have at least a pair of binoculars and a bird book.

Bird Book

Browse through the different "Field Guides for Birds" and choose the book you feel most comfortable with. Be sure to pick a book that has detailed pictures of male, female and immature individuals. Also be certain all species found in your area are represented in the book.


Unless you are a good stalker and don't mind getting wet, a good pair of binoculars can be found on the person of every birder. The most common size of binoculars is 7 x 50. The 7 refers to the magnification and 50 is a reference to how much light is allowed into the binoculars.

Camouflage or Dark Clothing

Wear clothes that are dark and blend with the outdoor environment where you plan to go bird watching. Long pants and long sleeves are advised to help repel insects and other pests.

Comfortable and Quiet Shoes

Wear shoes that are comfortable, easy to walk in and silent when you take a step. Even the slightest noise can send a bird flying to another location.

Camera with Telephoto Lens

With a good camera and picture-taking skills, you can snap a picture and wait on the identification until the picture is processed. But be warned that capturing a bird on film or with a digital device is an art form. A good telephoto lens is essential so you can snap the picture from a distance.

Bird Call

Mechanical bird calls are made to attract the attention of the bird so you can approach the bird or sometimes the bird might approach you. Also kissing the back of your hand very loudly is a good way to attract wild birds.

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