The Definition of Inflatable Life Jackets

The Definition of Inflatable Life Jackets
Inflatable life jackets are the best choice of emergency flotation device for anywhere tin which space is limited, such as on an airplane. While they work on the same principles as other life jackets, they come with their own set of pros and cons.


Inflatable life jackets are vest-shaped air bladders that are inflated using a capsule of compressed gas, usually carbon dioxide. Some have valves that allow the wearer to manually inflate and/or deflate them as well.


By definition, life jackets are emergency flotation aids. Recreational devices that are similar in form and function to an inflatable life vest, but without the compressed gas capsule allowing for instant inflation, are technically not life jackets.


An object will float if its net density is less than that of water. A steel boat, for example, floats because the steel hull holds a great deal of air in it, lowering its net density to less than that of water.


A life jacket works by increasing the net buoyancy of the wearer so that he or she floats. Simply put, it is buoyant enough that even supporting a heavy man with water-logged clothes does not raise the combined density of the man and jacket to the point of sinking.

Pros and Cons

The main benefit of the inflatable life jacket is that it is easily stored, since empty air bladders occupy very little space. The main drawback is that it is not especially durable and can be easily punctured.


The alternative to the inflatable life jacket is the foam core life jacket. This is more durable, but also occupies more space and therefore might make storage a problem.

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