Facts About the Gulf of Mexico

Facts About the Gulf of Mexico
The Gulf of Mexico is the major tropical sea of North America. It's warm, deep waters contain major economic resources and are the source of one of the world's great climatic engines in the form of the Gulf Stream.


The Gulf of Mexico is bordered on the north by the southern coast of the United States, on the west by Mexico, and on the southeast by the island nation of Cuba. The seas off the eastern coastline of Central American countries like Honduras or Nicaragua are not part of the Gulf of Mexico.


The shape of the Gulf is roughly ovoid and is roughly 995 miles along its longer, east-west axis. It has a surface area of about 600,000 square miles.


The average depth in the Gulf is 5,298 feet. The reported maximum depth is a matter of debate, but ranges as deep as 14,400 feet.

Sea Current

The prevailing sea current in the Gulf of Mexico has water entering by means of the Yucatan Strait, between the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba. It then circulates around the Gulf and streams out the Florida Straits into the Atlantic Ocean, producing that ocean's Gulf Stream.

Mineral Resources

Offshore energy extraction is a major industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil and natural gas industries employ 55,000 Americans alone in the Gulf's waters.

Fun Fact

The warm waters of the Gulf are home to numerous species of shark, most of them harmless to humans. Of the potentially dangerous shark species, there are the bull, oceanic whitetip, tiger, blue and hammerhead sharks.

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