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  • Where Are the Grand Tetons?

    The Grand Teton mountain range in Wyoming is one of the more visually stunning mountain ranges in North America. The close proximity to Yellowstone National Park makes this range a must-see if your travels take you to the mountain west.
    Where Are the Grand Tetons?


    The Teton range was named by french fur trappers in the early 1800s, calling the three central peaks (the South, Middle and Grand Tetons) Les Trois Tetons (the three breasts). The Grand Teton was successfully climbed in 1898 via the now famous Owen-Spalding route. This remains a popular route today.



    At 13,770 feet, the Grand Teton is the second tallest mountain in Wyoming. Gannett Peak is 34 feet higher.


    Grand Teton National Park is in Wyoming a few miles east of the Idaho border. The geographical coordinates of the Grand Teton are N 43.741042 and W -110.802436. The national park is located along Highway 89, north of Jackson, Wyoming.


    There is plenty of lodging in Jackson, and some in the park itself. There is also lodging to the north in Yellowstone National Park. For more information, see Resources.

    Fun Fact

    The Teton range is still growing. It is one of the youngest mountain ranges in North America.

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