Facts About Lake Titicaca

Facts About Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca is a place located high in the Andes mountains. Its location makes it the highest navigable lake in the world, and a true natural marvel.


Lake Titicaca is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia, and is shared between them. Tourists can access some of the features of the lake from one country or the other, but need to visit both to see everything.


The lake sits at 12,464 feet above sea level.


At its widest, Lake Titicaca is 50 miles across, and at its longest, it is 118 miles. The surface area of the lake is 3,232 square miles.


The deepest point of Lake Titicaca is 922 feet. The average depth is a more moderate 351 feet.

The Bolivian Navy

Bolivia is technically a land-locked country, following the loss of their coastal territory in 1881. However, they maintain a "brown water" force of armed patrol boats on their rivers and lakes, including Lake Titicaca.


The lake is fed by 27 different rivers, and holds more fresh water than any other lake in South America. Venezuela's Lake Maracaibo has a bigger surface area, but holds less water in its banks.

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