Information on SCUBA Diving & Scuba Diving Equipment

Information on SCUBA Diving & Scuba Diving Equipment
Scuba diving is a popular sport that grants access to a new world of undersea adventure. It is intimately tied to its equipment because without several basic items it would be impossible.


Most scuba divers operate through the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI). However, there are several other dive organizations, some with substantially higher standards.


PADI's two main certifications are Open Water (OW) and Advanced Open Water (AOW). OW has a diving limit of 60 feet and AOW of about 140 feet.

Technical Diving

Going deeper than 140 feet is in the field of technical diving. The recommended limit for technical dives is 660 feet (although some divers go deeper), and it routinely involves substantial planning and the use of specialized gas mixtures.

Basic Equipment

Scuba divers need a dive mask, swim fins, air cylinder, regulator and weight belt. In addition, a snorkel, buoyancy compensator device (BCD) and a wet suit are frequently used.

Extra Equipment

Dive computers, dive compasses and scuba knives are commonly used, but are optional tools. Dry suits, which used air from the cylinder for extra insulation, are frequently seen being used on deep dives and in very cold waters.

Special Equipment

Night and cave divers must employ diving headlamps and flashlights. Technical divers who intend to spend a long time on the bottom often use rebreathers, which recycle air by scrubbing out the carbon dioxide.

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