Information on Scuba Gear for Open Water

Information on Scuba Gear for Open Water
Scuba diving is a popular and truly international recreational sport, opening up to anyone in good health a world of undersea adventure. However, one thing scuba diving is not is "light;" the sport is very gear intensive, with even the minimum amount of equipment being quite substantial.

Regulator Valves

Diving regulators, sometimes called an "octopus" for its network of hoses, is critical to scuba diving. The most important parts of the regulator are the valves that match the pressure of the diver's air supply to that of the surrounding water.

Other Regulator Parts

Other parts on the regulator include a pressure gauge, which reads both water pressure and the air remaining inside the tank; a primary and an emergency air hose and mouthpiece; and a hose for feeding air to a buoyancy control device (BCD).

Mask and Snorkel

A dive mask is essential; without it, the diver's vision is greatly reduced while underwater. A snorkel is useful for breathing while bobbing on the surface of a choppy sea.


Swim fins greatly increase the surface area of the feet, making swimming much more powerful and efficient.

Weights and Wetsuits

Wetsuits are for warmth in cool and cold waters, but they are also buoyant. To overcome that, divers wear a belt with extra weights with the aim of achieving a neutral buoyancy.

Air Cylinders

The cylinder, or "tank," stores compressed gas to provide an air supply underwater. Most dives use regular air, but deep dives will use special mixtures to minimize the health risks of breathing compressed nitrogen and/or oxygen at high pressure.

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