Banned Methods of Fishing in Minnesota

Banned Methods of Fishing in Minnesota
In addition to the Mississippi River and Lake Superior, Minnesota has a plethora of other, lesser rivers, ponds, streams, lakes and creeks. These offer anglers with a rich selection of places to ply their sport, but visiting and resident fishermen should stick to the rules and avoid banned methods.

One Hook Only

Fishermen are banned from employing multiple hooks per line unless those hooks are part of a single lure (as is common for many spoon lures).


It is illegal to use part or all of any carp, game fish or goldfish as bait.

Bombs and Guns

Using firearms or explosives ("grenade fishing") is illegal under all circumstances.

Electricity and Lights

Using electricity (including electric shocks) to catch fish is illegal. It is also illegal to use artificial lights sources unless they are part of a lure at the end of the fishing line, and even then that light must not be powered by a battery containing mercury.


Snagging is a fishing method that catches or impales the fish anywhere outside of the fish's mouth. This method is banned in Minnesota.


The use of any chemicals other than fish scents is prohibited in Minnesota.

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