Wyoming Fishing Regulations

Wyoming Fishing Regulations
Wyoming requires its residents and any nonresident anglers to have a valid fishing license to fish. This is just one of the many regulations the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has in place that governs fishing in the Cowboy State.

Resident License

In Wyoming, a resident must purchase a fishing license to legally fish after she turns 14 years old. The state defines a resident as someone who has been living in the state for at least one year and not claiming another state as her residence.

Creel Limits

Creel limits exist for certain species of fish in Wyoming, with anglers allowed to possess no more than a specific number for each type. For example, a person can keep as many as 25 whitefish per day but no more.

Line Limits

An angler can fish with no more than two lines during the open water season but can use as many as six tip-ups once ice fishing season commences.

Unlawful Methods

It is unlawful in Wyoming to snag fish, or take them with the use of a crossbow or bow and arrow. Fishing with the use of artificial lights is illegal as well.

Rules for Bait

The only part of fish such as salmon, cisco, trout, grayling and whitefish an angler can use as bait is eggs. The rules allow any portion of a fish termed as a nongame fish legal as bait.

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