Guide to Wild Edible Plants

Guide to Wild Edible PlantsWild edible plants are sometimes regarded as weeds when in fact most are bursting with vitamins and minerals. Wild edibles are found growing in abundance on vacant lots, lawns, grass verges, woodlands and hillsides, and on and around rotten logs.



Identify wild edibles positively as with recognition of the lowly yellow dandelion, a rich source of vitamins A, B complex, C and D, and minerals, including potassium, zinc and iron. The roots, leaves and flowers are edible and can be included as part of a green salad. Ground dandelion roots can be added to coffee and the flowers (pictured above) can be made into wine.

Morel Mushrooms


Edible mushrooms or fungi are found on slopes in hardwood forests next to oak, beech, walnut and hickory trees. The highly prized morel is considered a gourmet mushroom and can be eaten fried or added to recipes calling for meaty mushrooms.

Puffball Mushrooms (pictured above)

Spot puffball mushrooms that are commonly found in grass and forests. White spherical balls with cracks on the surface, puffballs grow from softball to beach ball size. Puffball mushrooms can be washed, diced, dipped in beaten egg and flour, and fried for a few minutes.


Note that caution should be taken when harvesting wild edibles for human consumption. Positive identification of the plant should be made before handling.

Time Frame

Mark on a calendar when certain wild edibles you enjoy come into season. This action will help you embark on wild edible plant hunting in the correct month.

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