What Is the Strongest Fishing Knot?

What Is the Strongest Fishing Knot?
Knots are a necessary part of fishing, so it's important to use one that doesn't just get the job done. You want to use the knot that weakens the line the least. There are two knots that keep your line close to its original strength: the Bimini, which is useful for putting a loop in the end of your line but is difficult to tie, and the Jansik Special.

Jansik Special

The Jansik Special is a little-known knot used for tying a hook, swivel or lure to the end of your fishing line, and it tests close to 100 percent of your line's breaking strength. The Jansik Special is also an easy knot to tie, making it practical for everyday use.

Tie the Jansik Special

Start with at least a foot of line. Pass the end through the eye of the hook or swivel you are attaching the line to three times, forming two 1/2-inch loops. Hold the loops and the eye of the hook between your thumb and forefinger, and pass the tag end of your line through the loop, wrapping it around and through three times. Wet the knot before tightening and slowly cinch down the knot by pulling on the tag end.

When to Use

The Jansik Special is good to use with lines up to 20-pound test. Any heavier lines will not work because they won't fit through the eye three times.

Why Should I Change?

You might be using a palomar or clinch knot with success, but those knots reduce your line's breaking strength by approximately 10 percent.

Best Application

The Jansik Special is ideal for light line use, when every bit of line strength counts. The Jansik Special tests close to 100 percent and is relatively easy to tie.

Article Written By Stephen Byrne

Stephen Byrne is a freelance writer with published articles in "Nor'East Saltwater," "Sportfishing" magazine, "Pacific Coast Sportfishing" and "Salt Water Sportsman." As a fishing charter captain, he was also interviewed for a feature in "Field and Stream." Byrne studied environmental science at the State University of New York at Delhi.

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