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  • Equipment Used for Skiing

    Equipment Used for Skiing
    From their origins as straight wooden platforms affixed to regular old boots, skis have developed into high-tech equipment for carving your way down the mountain.


    To head to the top of a ski hill, you'll need skis, bindings, ski boots and poles. Warm and waterproof layers of clothing are essential.

    Base Layer

    Begin with a moisture-wicking base layer of wool or capilene from neck to toe. If your feet are cold, your whole body will be cold. Make sure your socks remain dry.

    Outer Layer

    Ski coats and pants can be waterproof, windproof, insulated or any combination. Wear a sweater or fleece for layering. A hat, gloves or mittens, and goggles or sunglasses are essential.


    Skis come in a variety of shapes and thicknesses. Wider skis are perfect for floating on powder. To carve on hard pack or ice, choose a less-shaped ski.


    Ski poles and bindings are best fitted by a pro at a shop or rental shop. On snowy or windy days, wear a face mask for warmth and skin protection.


    Although most ski resorts do not require skiers to wear a helmet, it is a good safety precaution.

    Article Written By Kelly Aspen

    Kelly Aspen's writing focuses on natural places, cultural sites and wildlife. She has more than 10 years of experience as an editor and writer for various magazines, books and websites.

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