About Pink Flamingos

About Pink Flamingos
Flamingos are members of the animal order ciconiiformes, an order that also includes herons, storks and ibises. These birds all have long necks and legs, with the flamingo belonging to its own family---the phoenicopteridae family.


There are five species of flamingos, with the largest being the greater flamingo, a bird that can stand as tall as 50 inches with a 65-inch wingspan. The smallest is the 32-inch lesser flamingo.



The color of the flamingo's feathers ranges from pinkish to crimson, with this Chilean flamingo having pale pinkish feathers. The pigments in the food flamingos eat give the feathers their coloration.


Flamingos are tropical and subtropical birds, with species living in South America, the Caribbean, Africa, India, the Middle East and other warm-climate regions.


Alkaline and saline lakes or lagoons without much vegetation are the preferred habitat for flamingos. Mangrove swamps, tidal flats and islands are also places flamingos dwell.


The diet of a flamingo consists of such things as smaller fish, insects, mollusks, crustaceans and types of algae.


The long legs on a flamingo allow it to wade into deep water and feed, with their webbed feet offering support in the mud. Flamingos will sleep or rest standing on one leg or lying with the legs tucked under them.


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