Type of Bamboo Used for Fishing Rods

Type of Bamboo Used for Fishing Rods
Some of the best fly fishing rods are made from bamboo. The bamboo species contains many fibers, giving the rod flexibility and strength. Artisans spend many hours crafting bamboo rods to perfection to provide the fisherman with a well-balanced cast.


The species most popular for rods is the Tonkin Cane, which originally came from a stand of 48,000 acres located in the Tonkin region of Guangdong Province in China.


Tonkin Cane is the bamboo of choice for making fly fishing rods because of its straight lengths and evenly spaced nodes.

Time Frame

At least 100 hours are spent making each bamboo rod. The original length of bamboo has to be split, planed and glued back together, lacquered, and the guides set in place and tied with silk thread.


Fly fishing requires quick moves by the individual angler, and a rod that cooperates when casting and reeling in the catch. Bamboo poles meet this expectation.

Expert Insight

Crafters making bamboo rods often charge up to $2,500 each as of September 2009. They can fetch up to $15,000 each for mint-condition antique bamboo rods.

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