How Does a Bicycle Tire Patch Work?

How Does a Bicycle Tire Patch Work?
A bike patch lets cyclists fix small holes in a flat bike tire by covering the punctured region. This provides a short-term remedy for the problem until a more suitable solution can be found.


A tire patch is made of a rubber or fabric-like material and glued with rubber cement.



A tire patch allows a cyclist to ride on a punctured tire long enough to reach another means of transportation or until a spare tube can be acquired.


A tire is patched by locating the puncture hole, cleaning the site, sanding the region with sandpaper, applying glue to the patch and applying the patch. Dry times are usually five to 10 minutes.


A tire patch can reduce the amount of inconvenience you might experience during a flat tire by eliminating the need to walk your bike.


Although a tire patch kit is excellent to carry, you will need a bicycle pump to reinflate the tire once it is patched.


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