Minnesota Fishing Facts

Minnesota Fishing Facts
Blessed with access to Lake Superior, the Mississippi River, and a plethora of smaller lakes and rivers, Minnesota has a well-deserved reputation of being something of an angler's paradise. There are plenty of fish to catch, and being allowed to do so is cheap or free.

Fish Species

Among the fish that can be caught in Minnesota are catfish, bass, crappie, lake whitefish, northern pike, sunfish, walleye, salmon and sunfish. Salmon were introduced into Lake Superior and are available only there.

Big Catch

The biggest fish caught in Minnesota as of September 2009 was a lake sturgeon, caught on Sept. 5, 1994. It weighed 94 lbs., 4 oz.

Rare and Endangered

While there are a handful of fish whose numbers are a matter of concern for the state, only one fish species is considered endangered by the federal government, the Topeka shiner.

Fish for Free

After July 1, 2009, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources declared state residents could fish for free and without a license in most of the state's parks.


The standard one-year fishing license for nonresidents was $39.50 in 2009. That price does not include special permits such as the $10 trout stamp.

Banned Methods

Using guns, chemical poisons, electricity, snag lines, explosives and spring devices to catch fish are unlawful in Minnesota.

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