Information on the Myna Bird

Information on the Myna Bird
Myna birds are a member of the starling family. These birds, which live in India, Indonesia and parts of Ceylon, often become pets after their capture, with the ability to mimic human speech.

Sacred Bird

The people of India considered the mynas a sacred bird and accorded it great honor. But in recent times the proliferation of these birds endangers other species because mynas will attack birds smaller than they are.

Common Mynas

Indian myna birds came to Australia in 1883 in an effort to control insect pests but have become a terrible nuisance along the eastern coast. These common myna birds are brownish and possess a black head with a yellow bill.

Invasive Species

Mynas compete with native Australian birds for food and nesting sites, and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature labels the bird one of the 100 most invasive species.


The male myna looks the same as the female. The myna will learn as many as 100 words, but as it grows older, it seems to lose its zest for picking up new words.


Pet mynas can survive as long as 20 years. They tend to bond with the individual that feeds it and cleans its cage as well as those that pay attention to it.

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