Toucan Bird Information

Toucan Bird Information
The toucan lives in the tropical jungle habitat of Central and South America. Thirty-four species of toucan inhabit this region. The birds are famous for their colorful feathers and raucous calls.


The largest type of toucan is the toco toucan, which is usually about 2 feet long. The smallest species is the foot-long tawny-tufted toucanet


The toucan's long bill in some instances is four times longer than the bird's head. The bill is hollow and the same size in both sexes.


Scientists theorize the toucan's bill is so big so it can frighten away potential predators. Other theories suggest the bill is for attracting mates or for grabbing fruit more easily.


The nest of the toucan is in a hollowed-out tree, and the bird rarely leaves the treetops of the rainforest to visit the floor of the jungle.


This social bird lives and moves about in groups as large as a dozen toucans. The toucan breeds in the springtime and the female lays as many as five eggs that take from 15 to 18 days to hatch.


Although toucans subsist mainly on a diet of fruit, they also will gobble up insects. The eggs of other bird species, lizards, frogs and fish are also on the toucan's menu.

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