What Is a Fishing Jig?

What Is a Fishing Jig?A fishing jig is a popular type of artificial fishing bait. The fishing glossary at TakeMeFishing.org describes a jig as a weighted metal head, usually made of lead, molded onto a special hook. Jigs typically feature soft plastic skirting, a worm or a hair tail.


According to TakeMeFishing.org, fishing jigs are suitable for catching most types of freshwater fish and many types of saltwater fish.



Fishing jigs are available in many different weights. Several factors determine the choice of weight to use, including clarity of the water, temperature of the water and the type of cover used. According to BassResource.com, jig weights range from 3/16 of an ounce to 3/4 of an ounce.


Jigs are also available in many different colors. Again, specific fishing conditions determine the choice of color. Colors are available, according to BassPro.com, in primary, natural, metallic and glow-colored finishes. Two-tone colored jigs are also available.

Jig Head Designs

The jig head is available in many different designs, such as round, tube, football, bullet and airplane shapes. The most popular, according to BassPro.com, is the round design.


All jigs are weighted except for one type, the floating jig.

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