Homemade Backpacking Foods

Homemade Backpacking Foods
Preparing good meals at home for backpacking is neither difficult nor expensive, and it saves the trouble of grocery shopping at outdoor retailers or online. It requires, though, a particular mind-set.

Take What You Need

Limit portions to what you'll eat. Extra food is not only extra weight but problematic to dispose of in the backcountry. Discard any extra packaging at home.


Keep it Simple

Grocery shelves contain many meals that only require boiling water such as Ramen, oatmeal, rice dishes and all sorts of instant food.

Try It At Home First

If it is troublesome to prepare in your kitchen, it will be a nightmare on a bunch of rocks in the rain.

Freezer Bags

Any name-brand freezer bag will hold boiling water without melting. Prepare the portions you want in the freezer bag. Add hot water on the trail. Ideally, the only garbage will be the bag itself.

No-Cook Approach

Many hikers skip the stove and operate on dry rations such as gorp and nutrition bars. Also, rice and other dehydrated products will absorb water at any temperature. It just takes a bit longer.


Article Written By Tony Padegimas

Tony Padegimas is a freelance writer based in Phoenix. His articles on outdoor pursuits, general fitness, sports, theater, the inside guts of buildings, and many other random topics have appeared in numerous local and national magazines. He is the author of Day and Overnight Hikes - Tonto National Forest, published by Menasha Ridge Press.

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