Oriole Bird Information

Oriole Bird Information
In North America, the orioles are members of the blackbird family. Oriole males typically have bright colors and both sexes have sharp beaks, with various species of the bird living in different parts of the country.

Baltimore oriole

The Baltimore oriole possesses a black back and hood with gaudy orange wing patches and an orange breast. The colors of this oriole were the same as those of the family coat of arms of Lord Baltimore, hence the bird's name.


Bullock's oriole

A black eye line breaks up the orange pattern on the head of the Bullock's oriole. Found in the Western United States, this oriole will crossbreed with the Baltimore oriole where their ranges meet.

Hooded oriole

The head, neck and belly of the hooded oriole are brilliant yellowish orange. This bird lives in California and parts of the Southwest.

Orchard oriole

The orchard oriole, the smallest ember of the oriole clan in North America, has a combination of black, white, and rusty orange feathers. This bird is fond of nectar and fruit as well as insects.

Scott's oriole

Scott's oriole of the Southwest spends much of its time around yucca plants, gobbling up the bugs on the plant and drinking the flower's nectar.


Most oriole nests resemble a hanging gourd, made of materials such as grass, hair, plant fibers and string.


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