Information About the Plover Bird

Information About the Plover Bird
There are 14 species of plovers in North America. These birds live near the ocean on the coasts and next to lakes and rivers inland. Plovers possess a head similar to that of a dove, and are plump, short birds.

Piping plover

The piping plover, found in parts of the Midwest and New England, finds food such as crustaceans and bugs by extending one of its feet into moist sand and rapidly moving the foot back and forth.

American golden plover

The American golden plover migrates all the way from the Arctic tundra where it breeds to spend the winter in warmer South America, a journey of some 20,000 miles round-trip.

Snowy plover

The snowy plover's young leave the nest as quickly as three hours after hatching to look for food and water but do return to the parents for safety.

Mountain plover

The mountain plover lives in the grasslands of the western states and eats insects. It will follow cattle and sheep and grab the bugs that these larger animals scare up from the ground.

Lesser sand plover

The lesser sand plover is a coastal plover that, like most plovers, uses a technique known as run-and pause, moving quickly over the sand before stopping to forage.

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