What Are Everyday Road Bike Wheels?

What Are Everyday Road Bike Wheels?
Most of the bicycle wheels are clincher. This is because fixing or replacing their tires and inner tubes are cheap and easy, making them ideal for everyday use. It is usually only competitive cyclists who use anything else.

Clincher Wheel Rims

The clincher wheel secures the tire through a pair of wires that rest along the inside rims of the wheel. These grip the sides of the tire into place, while the inner tube goes into the tire's hollow space.


Tubular Wheels

The main alternative is the tubular tire, where the tire is molded or sewn up around the inner tube, forming a combination. These tire-tube combos are glued to the wheel, usually with contact cement.

Tubular Wheel Advantages

The main advantage of a tubular type is that the wheel and tire are lighter than everyday clincher wheels and tires. But when it comes to repairing them, they are substantially inferior to clinchers.

Repair Cost

Because clinchers use separated tires and inner tubes, the inner tube can be removed and patched, or replaced without discarding the tire. This makes fixing clinchers easier, more flexible and cheaper.

Repair Time

Repairs to a clincher tire and inner tube are also quicker because tubular tires have a wait time of at least a couple of hours while the cement holding the tire in place dries.


Clincher wheels come in different types, which use different formats of wires. These are the standard, hooked-bead and crochet type of wheels.


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