What Are Clincher Bicycle Rims?

What Are Clincher Bicycle Rims?
The "clinchers" on bicycle wheel rims are the most common way of fastening the tire and inner tube to the wheel. This is so much the case that most people are unaware of the alternative format, which is mostly the province of racing cyclists.


A clincher wheel fastens the tire through a pair of wires that run around just inside of the rim of the wheel. The tire is wedged underneath these wires, and the inner tube sits in the hollow of the tire.



This kind of wheel is the most common used format. The alternative is the tubular wheel, which is used for the most part by serious, competitive cyclists.

Tubular Tire

A tubular tire has the inner tube and tire joined together into a single unit, which is then glued to the wheel. That makes fixing the tire much more expensive.


Because the tire and inner tube of a clincher wheel are separate units, they can be repaired or replaced easily. This makes fixing them a lot cheaper to own and maintain.

Quick Fix

Another advantage is there is no wait time after a repair before the bike is ready to go. Tubular tires require a wait while the contact cement dries.


The drawback is the clincher wheel, and its matching tires and inner tubes are heavier than tubular wheels and tires.


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