Fire Safety for Kids While Camping

Fire Safety for Kids While Camping
A campfire presents a real and significant danger to a child. There are certain precautions adults can take to make sure a campfire does not evolve into a potential tragedy.


Children should always be under supervision when near a campfire or charcoal grill. Even after the fire has burned down, the presence of hot embers and coals poses a significant danger to an unsupervised child, especially a barefoot one.



Adults should establish a defined safety area near the campfire for activities such as cooking and relaxing. A play area for children should exist well away from where the fire is.


Parents and guardians should set specific rules about who has access to the fire for purposes of adding wood or extinguishing it. Adults should never leave children in charge of a campfire.

Fire Starting Tools

Any lighters, matches and potentially flammable liquids should not be where young children have access to them.

Stop, Drop and Roll

By teaching children the technique known as "Stop, Drop and Roll," a child will know what to do in the event her clothes somehow catch fire while camping.


Young children should have an adult's help while attempting to roast hot dogs or marshmallows on a stick. Older children should stand as far from the fire as possible while engaging in this activity.


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