What Is a Jig & Pig in Fishing?

What Is a Jig & Pig in Fishing?A jig and pig combination is a homespun hybrid fishing technique that combines any jig with a pork frog lure. Popularized by the Uncle Josh Bait Co., the technique is reported to successfully catch large mouth bass.


The original Uncle Josh pork frog trailers come in three brine flavors: garlic, salty crawfish and original. Soaking the pork frogs keeps them pliable and makes them more tempting to bass.



The combination of the jig and the pig looks like a frog or crawfish at the bottom of the lake.


Jigs are also called "the big bait" because they're known to attract the larger bass, according to Professional Lake Fork guide Jim Reaneau.

Expert Insight

The Bass Coach Roger Lee Brown calls the jig and pig combo a "million dollar bait" because professional anglers have won millions of dollars in competitive fishing tournaments using it.

Fun Fact

Pork frogs are actually made from pork rind, not plastic. They're sold and stored in jars of brine. Uncle Josh also makes pork eels, leeches and crawdads in several colors and patterns.

Article Written By Lisa Russell

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