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  • What is a Jig & Pig in Fishing?

    A jig and pig combination is a homespun hybrid fishing technique that combines any jig with a pork frog lure.
    The jig is a type of fishing lure with a lead sinker and a large hook covered by a soft outer shell. Jigs are also called "the big bait" because they're known to attract the larger bass.
    The pork frog lure has a fleshy body and flexible legs. Lighter colored pork frog lures resemble frog legs while the darker colored pork frog lures resemble crawfish. Pork frogs are actually made from pork rind, not plastic. They were sold and stored in jars of brine. Popularized by the Uncle Josh Bait Co., a jig and pig combination is used to successfully catch large mouth bassUncle Josh also made pork eels, leeches and crawdads in several colors and patterns.
    What Is a Jig & Pig in Fishing?


    Uncle Josh is one of the original manufacturers of lures. The company was started by a man named Alan P. Jones who loved to fish and also owned a dairy farm. While Jones was fishing for bass he noticed that live frogs worked great as bait but they were scarce and hard to find. So Jones set out to create an artificial lure that resembled a frog and discovered that a pork rind did the trick. Thus the "pork frog" was born.

    The original Uncle Josh pork frog trailers came in three brine flavors: garlic, salty crawfish and original. Soaking the pork frogs kept them pliable and more tempting to bass. In 2016, Uncle Josh stopped production of their natural pork rind lures. 


    Alternatives to Pork Frog Lures

    Uncle Josh ceased production of pork rind lures because the company could not get enough pork rind from 2-to-3-year-old pigs, which have skin thick enough to make a durable pork rind. In the years since production was halted, some alternatives have come onto the market.

    Otter tails are touted as nearly indestructible and irresistible to fish. They come in nine sizes and 11 colors, are great at holding the scent they are soaked in and resemble frog legs.

    Fat cow jig strips are another type of durable fishing bait that works as a good alternative to pork frogs. They are made from a synthetic material and were designed as an alternative to pork rind fishing baits. 

    Expert Insight

    The Bass Coach Roger Lee Brown calls the jig and pig combo a "million dollar bait" because professional anglers have won millions of dollars in competitive fishing tournaments using it. They are most effective used in cold water but they fish slowly, so you won't be able to cover a lot of water while using them.

    Jig and pigs are usually fished by flipping and pitching but they can also be jigged or cast. Anglers typically use a stiff fishing rod and a thick line because large mouth bass are big and strong fish. The jig used should sink slowly to the bottom of the water, giving the bass enough time to strike the jig as it sinks. When the jig hits the bottom of the water, allow it enough time to sit, then use your rod to hop it across the bottom of the water like a frog. 

    Article Written By Lisa Russell

    Lisa Russell has been a freelance writer since 1998. She's been published in "Rethinking Everything Magazine," "Playdate" and "Home Educator's Family Times." She has a professional background in education, cosmetology and the restaurant industry. Russell studied early childhood education at Antelope Valley College, and is pursuing a degree in law.

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