Cold Weather Bass Fishing Tips

Cold Weather Bass Fishing Tips
There is little doubt that bass fishing slows considerably when the weather is cold. The metabolic rate of the fish drops, making it necessary for an angler to change her strategy.

Cold fronts

Bass fishing during and immediately after a cold front passes in the winter, spring and autumn slows drastically. Bass will retreat to deeper water and into thick weed cover in the midst of such weather.


Bass sometimes respond to a presentation of live bait during cold fronts. Anglers tend to downsize their lures, use fishing line that is more sensitive to slight bites and reel the lure in slower.


Crankbaits with big lips that cause the lure to dive down can catch fish that have retreated to deeper water.


Spinnerbaits rigged with the wider Colorado-type blades move slowly and create a wake behind them. This type of lure has the ability to trigger a strike from a bass in colder weather.

Less aggressive

Bass in cold conditions often bite much less aggressively than normal. The angler needs to prepare for the slightest indication of a bite by watching the line, and if in doubt he should set the hook.

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