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  • What Are Snowshoes Made Of?

    What Are Snowshoes Made Of?
    People use snowshoes mainly for backcountry exploration, and hiking through deep snow and ice covered regions. Proper snowshoes are needed to be able to pass through powder and packed snow without falling through or getting hung up on snow banks.

    Binding Materials

    The binding materials in a snowshoe are what keep it together through use. Popular materials can include rawhide leather, rubber straps, and urethane aluminum for maximum support and a lighter weight.

    Frame Materials

    The frame is what supports the deck, giving it stability and reinforcement. Popular materials include wood such as white ash, plastic, aerospace-grade aluminum and lightweight steel.

    Crampon Materials

    The crampon gives the shoe the traction it needs. Materials such as powder-coated steel and hardened steel are popular choices for hikers and those traveling on steep terrain.

    Deck Materials

    The deck of the snowshoe provides the foundation, and supports the foot and body as it moves over the snow. These materials can consist of lightweight wood, plastic, urethane and vinyl.


    The overall accumulation of materials makes up the total weight of the shoe. Most snowshoes weigh 3 to 5 lbs.

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