About the Numbers on New Balance Shoes

About the Numbers on New Balance Shoes
New Balance is a popular brand of shoes for outdoor enthusiasts of all types. If you're considering adding a pair of New Balance shoes to your collection of outdoor gear, you'll want to know about those characteristic numbers on the shoes.


The numbers on New Balance shoes are used to identify different models, as opposed to using model names.



A man named Arthur Heckler is responsible for introducing the New Balance numbering system.


Heckler instituted the model numbering system for New Balance shoes because the company wanted to place emphasis on its philosophy of overall quality and construction rather than on one particular shoe.


According to the Customer Help department at NewBalance.com, the model numbers have no special code or significance. They merely serve as a means of distinguishing different models from each other. In general, however, shoes with higher model numbers feature more technology and specialization than shoes with lower model numbers.


Some people, although they prefer New Balance shoes to other brands, find the numbering system confusing and have trouble identifying newer versions of their favorite older models.



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