What Equipment Is Needed to Go Fishing?

What Equipment Is Needed to Go Fishing?
A novice angler needs some basic equipment to go fishing. Each type of fishing will require some specialized equipment, but some of the gear, such as terminal tackle, remains the same.

Freshwater gear

The freshwater angler needs a rod and reel spooled with fishing line, live bait or fishing lures, and a tackle box to hold her tackle. The reel can vary from spinning and bait-casting reels to fly fishing reels.


Saltwater equipment

Saltwater fishing equipment is much sturdier than the gear used for freshwater, with the rods and reels able to handle much larger fish. The line will also have a wider diameter and be much stronger.


Terminal tackle is the tackle that goes on the end of the fishing line. It includes hooks, fishing floats, fishing weights and sinkers, swivels and snaps. All kinds of fishing employ some form of terminal tackle.

Ice fishing

Ice fishing equipment differs radically from other forms of fishing equipment due to the nature of the sport. Among the specialized equipment are devices known as tip-ups (which signal that a fish is on the line) and an ice auger (for drilling holes in ice).


All anglers will accumulate accessories such as pliers, knives, hook removers, scales, tape measures, fishing nets and hook sharpeners. A good tackle box to hold fishing tackle and other tools is a must.


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