Fishing Equipment to Use for Freshwater

Fishing Equipment to Use for Freshwater
If you want to take up freshwater fishing as a hobby, you need a variety of gear, including a rod and reel, terminal tackle, bait or lures of various kinds and a tackle box with the right tools. An angler also needs a fishing license.


Fishing rods for freshwater setting come in different forms according to the type of reel that the angler uses. Spinning, bait casting, ice fishing and fly rod typically made from graphite or fiberglass come in different lengths and strengths. The kind you need is dependent on what kind of fish you're after.



Many different companies produce spinning reels, bait-casting reels, fly-fishing reels and downsized ice-fishing reels with spools of fishing line that deliver bait into the water. Spinning reels are the easiest for the novice to master.

Terminal tackle

Terminal tackle is the term for the different sorts of things an angler uses on the end of her fishing line. Hooks, swivels, fishing floats and fishing weights are among the most commonly employed terminal tackle.


Poppers, spoons, crankbaits, soft plastics, topwater baits, spinners and jigs are among the many kinds of lures available to anglers. The type of lure you'll want to use depends on the feeding behavior of the fish you hope to catch and the type of water---lake or stream---you're fishing in.

Tackle box

A tackle box holds an angler's fishing tackle as well as tools such as hook removers, pliers, and fishing knives. Many have a series of drawers to hold equipment while others are less complex and just provide storage area for the angler.


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