About Vintage Fishing Reels

About Vintage Fishing Reels
For those who have a vintage fishing reel or are thinking of collecting older reels for display or pleasure use, it is beneficial to know some facts. Vintage fishing reels come in an array of designs and models, depending on how and when they were made.


While everyone has their own tastes, some vintage reels have certain features that collectors gravitate toward. These include brass handles, all-silver construction, S handle and ball-handle counterbalances.

Handmade vs. Manufactured

Most handmade reels generally contain better quality materials than those that were mass manufactured. Many handmade reels were also made in limited quantities, making them more valuable.

Year Made

For a reel to be considered vintage or antique it would likely have been made or manufactured before 1950.


How a reel is graded will often determine its current worth. A flawless, unused vintage reel will be worth more than one that contains wear, pitting, chips, scratches, gear noise, broken or worn gear teeth or missing parts.


Certain manufacturers tend to have reels that are notably more valuable than others. Some of these include; Benjamin, Conroy, Cozzone, Farlow, Stevens, Talbot, Thompson. Walker and Zwarg.

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