Safety Rules for Camping

Safety Rules for CampingCamping is an adventure, and as such carries some risks that can be easily mitigated if you follow simple safety rules. Before you head out on a camping trip, make sure that everybody in your party--especially children--understands these rules.


Always cook, eat and clean cooking utensils at least 100 feet away from your camp area.


Only light fires--if permitted by the local rules--in fire rings, either provided for you or constructed by you. Always fully extinguish a fire before departing.


Camping tents catch fire if exposed to open flames; pitch tents at least 5 or 10 feet from your fire, depending on the size of the fire and wind conditions. Never use a camp stove inside a tent, as this might present an asphyxiation hazard.


Always scout the area to be sure you won't be caught by high river, lake or sea water in case of tide or flooding. Never set up camp in the middle of animal trails; this might lead to unexpected encounters.


If you get lost, try to backtrack to your last known position. If you can't do that, stay put and make yourself easy to find by blowing a whistle or using a signal mirror.


Always store food away from your camp--preferably 100 feet or more--either strung up high in a tree or stored in a bear-safe canister. This helps reduce unintended animal encounters.

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