Ab Exercises With No Equipment

Ab Exercises With No Equipment
Turn on the television, and you're likely to see an infomercial for the latest ab exercise gadget. But you can strength your abdominal muscles without the use of fancy or expensive equipment; all you need is your own body and a little knowledge about the proper types of resistance to use.


The abdominal muscles flex your spine or, in other words, bring your bottom rib closer to the top of your pelvis. Anything that stresses and strengthens these muscles is considered an ab exercise.


Holding good posture--or anything that forces your muscles to keep your torso properly aligned--is an isometric ab exercise. Get the most out of this by challenging yourself to hold good posture in difficult positions, such as the plank position.


Being able to do ab exercises with no equipment means that you can strengthen your core almost anywhere, at any time, that you desire. It also saves the money that you might otherwise have spent on ab equipment.


In order to strengthen your abdominals quickly, you must overload them or make them do more work than they're used to doing, without adding so much stress to them that the muscles become injured.


Since you're not using equipment to provide extra resistance against and challenge for your ab muscles, you'll need to use gravity--plus the weight of your own body--instead.


One of the best ways to challenge your abs with no equipment is to use leverage; try extending your arms directly your head, as far from your hips as possible, when doing crunches. The added lever length makes the exercise much more challenging.

Article Written By Marie Mulrooney

Marie Mulrooney has written professionally since 2001. Her diverse background includes numerous outdoor pursuits, personal training and linguistics. She studied mathematics and contributes regularly to various online publications. Mulrooney's print publication credits include national magazines, poetry awards and long-lived columns about local outdoor adventures.

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