Hammock Camping Techniques

Hammock Camping TechniquesCamping hammocks, ranging in cost from $20 to hundreds of dollars, are typically smaller and lighter than the one- or two-person tents they replace. For many, hammock camping is the ultimate in luxury and comfort.


Hammock camping can only feasibly be done in an area with trees or rocks large enough to serve as supports for the hammock. This eliminates most high tundra, grassland and desert areas.


A "trucker's hitch" is one of the best ways to tighten the cord suspending your hammock. Tie an overhand loop on a bight in the cord near where it attached to the hammock, thread the end of the cord around the tree or other support and then back through the loop and use this as an improvised pulley to pull the cord tight. Secure with a few half-hitches.


Camp hammocks range in size and complexity from single one-person nylon slings to two-person hammocks with spreader bars or expensive models with built-in mosquito netting and a rain-shedding canopy.


Because your body will compress the insulation on the bottom of your sleeping bag and the hammock itself has no insulating value, you need a sleeping pad or other insulating material between you and the hammock to help preserve your body heat.


Hanging your hammock across animal trails--sometimes the only open areas in heavy brush--may lead to unexpected encounters with wildlife.


Some hammock campers might prefer a blanket to a sleeping bag, because crawling in and out of a sleeping bag while in the hammock can be difficult.

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