Early Fall Bass Fishing Tips

Early Fall Bass Fishing Tips
The dropping temperatures that occur in the early fall trigger bass to feed much more actively than they did in the hot months prior. The bass angler takes advantage of this by knowing where to fish and what lures to concentrate on.

Cooler Water

Bass fishermen that have had to endure the doldrums of summer carefully monitor the water temperature in the early fall. Dwindling daylight hours and cold fronts that bring with them rain are welcome signs.


The hungry bass will gladly feed in preparation for the lean winter ahead, chasing the baitfish that has matured since hatching earlier in the year. Anglers will employ lures that match the appearance of such baitfish.


Spinnerbaits are favored by many bass experts in the early fall, with those possessing more slender willow type blades able to give off vibrations that bass zero in on as the lure is retrieved.


In the early fall certain weeds in the shallows that attract bass begin to die, which causes them to stop producing oxygen. Bass will leave such an area and seek green weeds in the deeper water where an angler can target them.

Deep Water

Bass are fond of staying near where shallow water quickly turns deep, especially in the fall. When a weather front comes, it affects the water temperatures in the shallows rapidly and sends the fish scurrying to the depths.

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