About In-Line Spinning Salmon Fishing Lures

About In-Line Spinning Salmon Fishing Lures
In-line spinning fishing lures are a type of oval lure that is used to attract salmon in the water. The lures work well with any spinning, casting, fly or mooching rod on the market.


Many in-line spinning salmon fishing lures come in an array of rainbow colors ranging from bright green, yellows, pinks, reds and speckled black. Some are also silver or black if the body of the lure is speckled or colored.



This type of fishing lure is commonly used in rivers, lakes and streams to catch salmon.


An in-line spinning salmon fishing lure is in front of the line and generally on top of the lure. The lure can have a tiny head, be long and narrow with a feather tail or can be wide with a fur end and then a hook at the bottom.


The purpose of using this type of lure is to keep the lure rotating through the water rather than be dragged down. It gives the lure a more lifelike appearance because it appears to be wiggling through the current as opposed to being pulled or dragged.


The main benefit is not having to bait up the lure before casting. Because the spinning lure moves well through the water, salmon are attracted to both the movement and the color of the lure.


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