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  • Bass Catching Tips

    Bass Catching Tips
    Smallmouth bass and largemouth bass are two of the hardest battling and acrobatic game fish in North America. This trait makes them much sought after by anglers. It certainly helps to know a few things about where to fish for bass and how to use certain bass lures.


    In a river system largemouth bass are located in the slowest parts where the water is almost brackish. Smallmouths prefer cleaner and cooler water and swim in medium to mild current waiting for food to come by.



    Largemouth spend much of the time in and around submerged weeds in warm weather. Lures such as soft plastics, spinnerbaits and crankbaits are effective in such scenarios.

    Texas rig

    A Texas rigged worm is a plastic worm threaded partly onto an offset worm hook with the hook turned and stuck into the body of the worm to create a "weedless" lure. A worm weight on the line in front of the plastic worm and hook makes this rig sink into weeds where bass will hit it.


    The crayfish is one of the favorite live baits of those that fish for smallmouth. Anglers will drive a No. 4 hook through the tail of the crayfish and fish it downstream in the current with a split shot a foot from the hook, waiting for a smallmouth to snap it up.

    Ice fishing

    Both types of bass will go after minnows and shiners rigged beneath tip-ups in the winter. Ice fishermen on a lake will set their tilts in channels, along weed lines and off points of land to catch bass through the ice.


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