Non Perishable Food for Camping

Non Perishable Food for CampingThat a bar of chocolate tucked into your pack will last almost forever. The boost of fat and sugar energy is handy to have in an emergency or on a chilly night; but there are many other nonperishable foods well suited to a camper's needs.


Nonperishable foods will be able to weather the extreme conditions you're likely to encounter on an extended camping trip but still maintain their nutritional value without spoiling.


Non Perishable Food for Camping

Typically perishable foods can be preserved indefinitely in sealed cans or jars until you're ready to eat them on the trail. The downside: You'll have to pack out the empty cans and jars.


Non Perishable Food for Camping

Fruits, vegetables and meats are all perishable favorite foods. Drying renders them nonperishable.It also makes them lighter and take up less space.


Dehydrated foods--often staples such as beans and rice--form the backbone of a healthy camping meal, but they might be heavy because they're often relatively dense. They also require water and cooking time to prepare.



Freeze-dried foods are fully cooked and, if sealed to keep moisture out, will last indefinitely on a camping trip. Freeze-dried foods are precooked, so all you have to do is add hot or cold water, wait a few minutes, then eat.

Nuts and Tubers

Non Perishable Food for Camping

Nuts are typically high in fat, making for a nice nonperishable and light-to-carry energy boost on the trail.

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