When Is the Most Economical Time to Travel to Ireland?

When Is the Most Economical Time to Travel to Ireland?
Ireland is most popular during the summer when the weather is more warm and dry, but it's also very expensive. For the best deals, consider visiting at other times of the year. The weather is cooler, but there are also fewer crowds and cheaper flights.


Spring is a great time to visit Ireland because prices are still low (15 to 20 percent less than in summer), the weather is warming up (with highs around 50 degrees) and flowers are beginning to bloom.


Like spring, autumn is another good time to visit. The weather is still warm (again, around 50 degrees) and airline ticket prices are starting to fall from their summer peaks.


The cheapest time to visit Ireland is during winter, when tickets can be 30 to 40 percent less than in summer. However, the weather is much colder, with highs averaging around 40 degrees, and there is heavy rainfall. In addition, many hotels and restaurants close during winter.


Another excellent option for cheap travel to Ireland (and many other locations) is to travel midweek. Fridays are popular travel days because of the weekend, and Monday is popular for business travelers. The rest of the week is much quieter and is the best time to get deals.

Least Economical Time

The most expensive time to travel is during the busy summer, from June to the end of August. Summer is popular for those with children who are out of school as well as for those visiting the many festivals that take place in the summer, such as the Puck Fair in August. Many tour operators will drive up their ticket prices during this time.

Article Written By Shiromi Nassreen

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