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  • What Is Monofilament Fishing Line?

    Monofilament fishing line is the most popular type of line available to anglers. According to the Bass Pro Shops website, statistics show two out of three spools of line purchased are monofilament.
    What Is Monofilament Fishing Line?

    Time Frame

    Nylon fiber comprises monofilament line. DuPont brought it into the public eye in 1939 after inventing it, but braided Dacron line remained the kind of line anglers relied on until better monofilament was developed in 1958.


    The process that manufactures monofilament line is much less costly than those necessary to produce other types are. This translates into lower cost for this kind of line for consumers.


    Monofilament comes in a large array of colors, and anglers find it easy to tie fishing knots and cut it.


    One of monofilament line's biggest drawbacks is its lack of strength when compared with braided and fluorocarbon line. Monofilament line stretches more easily, which can cause anglers to lose fish when attempting to set the hook.

    Expert Insight

    The casting ability of monofilament is superior to other types. This makes monofilament the choice of many open-water anglers that employ topwater lures and spools.

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