Bass Rigging Tips

Bass Rigging Tips
The astute angler knows different rigs that will help him to hook and catch bass. Some of these rigs such as the Texas rig and the Carolina rig involve plastic worms. Others involve lures such as in-line spinners and what line to use as a leader on a bass tip-up for ice fishing purposes.


Anglers secure the worm weight that sits on the line in front of a Texas-rigged plastic worm by sticking a toothpick into its middle. They will break off the end once the wood becomes waterlogged; the toothpick will stop the weight from traveling up the line during casts.

Glass Bead

Sliding a hollow glass bead onto the line of a Carolina rig between the egg sinker and the swivel will protect the knot that attaches the swivel to the leader. The noise the weight and bead colliding creates will attract bass as well.

Leader Length

By increasing the length of a leader to about 5 feet on a Carolina rig, an angler can fish the worm on the top of vegetation such as grass. The added length allows the worm to float more and rise above the submerged grass where bass will see it.


The anglers that pursue bass through the ice will often tie a fluorocarbon leader onto their tip-ups. This line is invisible underwater and will not spook the fish as they approach a shiner on a hook tied to it.

Ball-Bearing Swivels

An inline spinnerbait attached to a ball-bearing swivel will not twist the line as it would if it were tied directly to the line.

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