About Bicycle Seats for Women

About Bicycle Seats for Women
Bicycle seats for women are designed specifically for the female anatomy and hip bones. These seats are generally more comfortable as they are wider enabling them to support wider hip bones. They are less likely to cause medical problems such as urinary tract Infections.


Bicycle seats are available for men, women and unisex. Using the incorrect seat can cause problems such as numbness and painful abrasions in the genital area and even cause damage to lymphatic vessels.


The function of the female bicycle seat is to support the sit bones in the female body and help distribute weight more evenly, thus eliminating pressure in soft tissue areas.


Women's bicycle seats have a cutout in the center to relieve pressure on tender genital parts. Seats are also wider, and the nose of the seat is shorter than the nose on male/unisex bicycle seats.


When shopping for a bicycle seat it is important to actually sit on a seat that is mounted on a bike to make sure it feels right. Women don't necessarily have to purchase female bike seats, however, they should look for one that is well-padded and supports the bones in the lower pelvic area.


In addition to discomfort, a bicycle seat that doesn't fit properly can also potentially cause medical problems such as urinary tract infections caused by constant chafing against the front of the seat.

Article Written By Shiromi Nassreen

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