Information on Major Rivers of Texas

Information on Major Rivers of Texas
The rivers of Texas offer canoeists many opportunities to get out and participate in their favorite pastime. All across the state there are waterways on which canoeing is allowed and enjoyed.


The forests of East Texas are the location of the Angelina River, which contains one 45-mile stretch where the current is almost nonexistent. The Angelina offers canoeing before and after the large Sam Rayburn Reservoir and is about 100 miles from Houston.


Located in Bandera and Medina counties, the Medina River averages 30 to 40 feet in width. There are many sharp curves in the Medina, and a canoeist will often encounter debris piles.


The Red River along the Texas-Oklahoma border is very wide, with some spots averaging 400 yards. Quicksand and snakes are the major hazards canoeists might have to deal with.


April and May are the prime months for those wanting to paddle in the spring-fed Llano River. The water levels drop significantly in the summer heat, making canoeing less enjoyable.


The 550-mile Trinity River is typically free of rapids, has steep banks and has one turn after another. The area near Dallas-Fort Worth has a pollution problem, and canoeists should stay clear of this stretch.

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