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  • Easy-to-Prepare Backpacking Food

    Easy-to-Prepare Backpacking Food
    Backpacking is all about simplicity, but choosing food for a multiday trip can be mystifying. The best approach is to simplify--keeping your meals simple can cut weight and take the stress out of cooking.


    Tortillas are versatile and filling. Spread with peanut butter, mix with hot rice and beans, or eat plain.



    Instant boxed rice comes in a wide variety of flavors to satisfy any taste. Using the specified amount of water, soak the rice in a covered pot while you set up camp to reduce cooking time and fuel consumption.

    Instant Potatoes

    Pre-measure into a zip-top baggie at home, and add salt and pepper. Add powdered milk for creamier potatoes.


    A great alternative to rice that comes in nearly as many flavors. Super-quick cooking time.

    Instant Pudding

    Shake it in a lexan bottle with cold water and dry milk, and cap tightly. Stick the bottle in a snowdrift or cold stream for 20 minutes to let this treat set.

    Instant Oatmeal

    It's hot and hearty on cold mornings. Add dried fruit for variety.


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